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Music for celebrations

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    8 de março de 2022 03:55:27 ART

    So, I need to put together a festive music setlist, so that the music is background, pleasant, non-irritating, but at the same time festive. Any ideas how to do it?

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    8 de março de 2022 08:44:45 ART

    Look for ready-made playlists on the Internet. I think there are a lot of cool playlists for the holidays.

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    8 de março de 2022 09:01:24 ART
    Yes, if I were you, I would find something ready-made on the Internet, because this is a significant saving of your time and effort, because you need to spend a lot of time to find something suitable. By the way, you can search for some videos with music on YouTube, and then use to extract music from them and make a playlist. I think it's a great plan.
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    3 de julho de 2022 04:52:54 ART

    I always listen to music on Spotify. You can find the latest hits here. Playlist placement on Spotify is available to everyone.